Created using the purest ingredients with our 130 years of Bronnley expertise, Eclectic Elements is the latest in a long line of Bronnley firsts, pioneering beautiful scents in perfectly luxurious formulas.

Enjoy and savour our new Eclectic Elements Collection, five compelling scents that are bold and mesmerising. Inspired by the elements of earth, water, air, fire and aether. Plus, coming soon, our signature scent which takes an overview of them all.

We have worked with master perfumers to bring together expert knowledge to create our new fragrance composition. The new distinct signature is the result of unusual ingredient mixes and unexpected textural feels to the notes, giving each scent within the collection drama, personality and ambience; with a distinctly bold yet vibrant and contemporary composition.

Each individual scent is an intricate blend of modern fusions, deconstructed ingredients blended masterfully to become something other than their predictable selves.

Eclectic Elements offers a wardrobe of fragrances to draw from, an invitation to select a scent to match your day and what you want from it.

Each fragrance delivers a compelling and complex scent, with a luxurious feel that is long-lasting.