Join us on a journey into the unexpected.

Discover complex blends of sparkling notes full of drama and charisma. Introducing our Eclectic Elements Collection.

After all, we are the original creators of extraordinary fragrance.

Wild Green

Representing a sensual, grounded woman who enjoys the simple things in life. A woman who is true to herself.

Citrine Lagoon

Scent of a strong, energetic, infectious personality. A woman with determination and a zest for life.

Crimson Cloud

Fragrance of a charismatic, fun loving, high spirited woman with an immense desire for freedom.

Exotic Embers

The expression of a fiery yet elegant woman with an air of mystery.

Cosmic Bloom

Fragrance of a radiant, enchanting woman with an air of charisma and mysterious elegance.

Signature Fragrance

Signature of a spontaneous, imaginative, ambitious woman. A fearless innovator who leads effortlessly.

A modern take on a romantic art. Bottled.